Blue Jays Falling Back to Earth: Thoughts

The Toronto Blue Jays currently sit at 7-5 after a blistering 6-1 start. Vernon Wells continues to play well, and much of the Jays pitching staff is playing fantastic, but the wheels are falling off – and in front of few fans. I actually can’t wait for the Jays to play the Red Sox, Yankees and Rays, because at least that will draw an audience probably in the 20,000 range for each home game against the AL East powerhouses.

I was ecstatic when we acquired Brandon Morrow in a trade straight-up for Brandon League, and it’s certainly still in win-win territory (Jays give up dime-a-dozen reliever not part of their future for a former first-rounder with potential),  but Morrow just hasn’t looked good in his first two outings. In two starts he has a 12.00 ERA in 9 innings against Baltimore and the White Sox, hardly potent offenses.

Sure, give Morrow two more starts to work things out, but if he finishes April pitching like he’s been, it’s time to put him in a long-relief position and bring up either Brad Mills or Brett Cecil, both of whom have been pitching great in Las Vegas and really, you can’t do harm as they’ve already played at the major league level and succeeded.

Also on the 51s is Brett Wallace, who’s had a huge first nine games of the season, homered four times with an OPS of 1.092. I’ve said it before, but I have incredible faith in Brett Wallace, he’s an fantastic player who won’t struggle as a rookie given his amazing plate discipline. That’s what sets his case apart from the Travis Snider buzz of last year, Travis Snider has started off slow because he strikes out too much and doesn’t get good pitches. Brett Wallace will put up .400 OBP seasons from his second season until his 15th, with a great rookie year to start it off.

If Brett Wallace is still putting up an OPS of 1.000 by late May, and Lyle Overbay is still slumping, it’s going to be awfully hard to not call him up.


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