Rogers Centre Report Opens!

Welcome All!

I have created a blog to unleash my opinions towards my favourite baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays as well as giving insight on other goings on in Major League Baseball. I live in Toronto, so have been compassionate about the Jays my entire life.

I also write on and freelance between the two destination, but will post all of my Blue Jays articles on both.

I have a positive outlook on the Jays upcoming season, predicting an 86-76 finish. The Jays, contrary to popular belief, finished 2009 as the 8th best offense in Major League Baseball and they should easily improve on those statistics this year with their young players improving and Travis Snider possibly giving a full season at the major-league level. To read my full February Outlook on their season, follow this link.

I’m going to try to write a few times a week, so stay tuned for more! I’m currently working on my Fantasy Baseball 2010 Draft Strategy, which should be up by February 23rd.




    what is this? it doesn’t even have anything to do with the jays, and I bet nobody has even looked at it. It was very hard to even initially find.

  2. bluejays49

    lol, Sachin, it’s hard to get people to read your stuff WHEN YOU JUST STARTED IT UP 2 HOURS AGO AND HAVEN’T HAD ANY MATERIAL TO WRITE ABOUT.

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