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Vernon Wells Slams Rangers in Series Win

Is Vernon Wells for real? I say yes, be prepared for a .300/30/100 season.

With four homers in three games, Vernon Wells leads the majors in the category, as well as driving in a majors-tying seven runs batted in while batting .600. But is he for real? I say… yes.

Compare his batting average over the past several years:

2002: .275
2003: .317
2004: .272
2005: .269
2006: .303
2007: .245
2008: .300
2009: .260

I’ve bolded his ‘good’ years, and you can see that in the past five seasons, every other year he has a good year. In fact, his 2007 campaign was even worse than his 2009 one, yet he bounced back from that one quite nicely. So stop panicking, he certainly has the talent and the underlying statistics to have a solid .300/30/100 year, almost worth his large paycheck and enough to be a very solid cleanup hitter behind Adam Lind in the Jays lineup.

Anyways, with the win yesterday afternoon the Jays won their series against the Rangers and the Jays pitching staff was outstanding all series long. Plus, you can’t really complain about Jason Frasor’s opening day blown save because Frank Francisco also blew his save in dramatic fashion in the series premiere.

A good three-game stretch all-around for the club.